Class and Transiton

We must focus our actions where they will count. For the transition process to become clear we must first understand class.

Capitalism is a class society, like feudalism and slavery before it. Class distinctions are relations of ownership and labour. Under slavery one works for his owner, under serfdom for an owner of land, under employment for an owner of capital. A Resource Based Economy is a classless society because there is no private ownership.

The subjective interests of each class are in contest. One wants high wages, the other wants lower. One wants safety and environmental consideration, the other wants no barriers to profit. One wants workers self-organised, the other wants them subservient. The world looks very different to the people on each side of a class division.

While It is true that all people will be better off in a Resource Based Economy, the capitalists and their governments want our workplaces run for profit. We have to accept their desires won’t change until this class distinction is abolished, which will only happen as our plan for a RBE comes to fruition. It is the working class, which is to say all employed people, who have an immediate interest in moving forward. 

Fortunately, working people are the ones with the skills and ability to transition. In their workplaces of the world they’ve all their advanced tools and machinery ready, complete with capable and cooperative workforces established. Workers are the technicians, the tradespeople, and those who can fulfil our needs while we construct this new economy of abundance, an abundance that will undo the need for property relations thereby the undoing of class distinctions. 

The multidisciplinary teams that Peter Joseph describes as running the future economy, they already exist, its only that they are subservient to their bosses. They are going to have to act against the interests of their bosses. They are going to have to mobilise themselves by their own organisations towards this goal and carry it through.

In events throughout history since the development of capitalism, particularly during times of economic crisis, workers have gone on strike, sometimes even occupying their workplaces and continuing production by managing themselves. In 1920 Italy, this was a nationwide reality.

Workers have proven to have this tendency, and we’d be best to work with it, incite it, foster this rebellious spirit that is necessary to turn the workplace dictatorship into a democracy. In unity there is strength to bargain for better wages, refuse to work in unsafe conditions, and strike nationwide for our demands. This is something we can begin now, so get organised in your workplace, workers, unite!

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