On Being the Change

What it means to “be” the change is not always as obvious as it may at first sound. Most of the defining aspects of a Resource Based Economy are inter-personal and global in nature, beyond the potential of an individual or even a group thereof. This is not to say that we can’t take actions as individuals and as groups, we most certainly can, but what change of our actions aligns with this goal?

The active human component of a Resource based economy is its multidisciplinary teams. Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement describes these teams as the developers of the economic system, working to maintain and continually upgrade it, arriving at their decisions via the scientific method. This is the change to be if a Resource Based Economy is our goal because this is the active human agent that creates a Resource Based Economy.

But how can we possibly be this change – We don’t have the equiptment or resources to be this change, nor the economic ability to sustain ourselves while we make change, or do we? At our workplaces, we have all of these things. In a RBE, workers run their places of work, rather than the other way around. This is the change we have to be, and we can start doing this in small steps. This blog provides examples of workers doing just that at different levels, and how they did it!

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