Where Other Methods Fail

Many methods of activism aimed at resisting the status quo and initiating the transition to a new society have been suggested. Examples include forming and supporting ethical or cooperative businesses, developing economic communities or networks of some type, living rurally or developing permaculture systems in the city. While there are many ways to starve a beast, some are more effective, others have a fatal flaw.

The project of many to create transition towns as off-the-grid self-sustainable communities based on permacultural practices provides a worthy solution to the sustainable agriculture. However, it fails to address the problems of industrial society, at the same time using the products of industry. Permaculture is largely an individual production process. We need a way to acess resources for socially-organised and sustainable industrial production. The project of this blog is to provide such an answer.

As much as we may try to be separate from the system through transition towns, circular cities, communes or the like, insomuch as they are a realy sucess, it will simply become illegal for us to do so, if it isn’t already. By land taxes and intellectual property rights, by some multitude of ways, the system will ensure our participation in its competitive market. As in every other instance, this amounts to competing for the title of lowest regard for human and environmental well-being to avoid economic failure, or at best being limited to a fringe affair.

Since the agricultural revolution, history is a majority labouring for the accumulation of assets under the control of a privileged minority. From the violent state machines of the world to the global industrial complex of workplaces, all this is said to be legitimately owned by those who did not labour for its construction. Not only does the majority lack all these resources on their side, we are also forced to compete with the minority who has all this on their side, until we challenge that ownership and its justification.

While we must form out own socio-economic networks from scratch, there is no need to rebuild the world’s industrial hardware from scratch, to do so would also be environmentally irresponsible. Instead, a movement must fully dislodge all economic and political apparatus from minority rule. This movement must involve the imense majority of people in its decisions and actions is it is to result in a cooperative society, but that is likely for no such achievement is possible without mass involvement.

Such an approach hosts its own challenges, but none insurmountable, the groundwork begins now.

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