Resource Based Economy

RBE is an economic model proposed to put an end to poverty, politics, war and environmental destruction. “The application of the scientific method for human concern”, technical and collaborative rather than a competitive and profit-based.

Making an account of the Earth’s environment and its finite resources the starting point for economic decisions is fundamental to our continued survival. The labour required to meet all human needs can be minimised by social reorganisation and the application of technology, abolishing the wage system. The potential to eliminate scarcity exists, and with it the elimination of property restrictions, money and all associated conflicts.

Forward Movement

FM is inspired by the goal of a Resource Based Economy, advocating this direction since March 2008. Since 2011, the author has made a case for a certain method of transition from monetarism to a Resource Based Economy as now expressed through this blog. Multitudes have imagined various schemes they hope could lead us into a Resource Based Economy. Forward Movement is different, based on a historical analysis of social change.

Peter Joseph of TZM describes “multidisciplinary teams” (teams of workers of multiple disciplines) maintaining and continually upgrading this future RBE, but remains brief on the topic. In my analysis, the development of multidisciplinary teams is centrally important to the process of transition, both through the work they do as well as a crucial means by which the population develops the relevant social values.

Workplace activism is key.